Who We Are 

Pruitt Lighting Group is a premier lighting manufacturers’ representative agency in South Carolina, Augusta, Georgia. Committed to “Excellence in every aspect of our business” we have a diverse and experienced team of folks to support our customer and client needs while delivering the highest quality of service from a project’s inception to completion. We offer a wide array of lighting solutions for all project categories, office, multi-family, parking lots, homes using the latest in design aesthetics including LED. Specializing in lighting layouts and energy management we offer a high design look for your project while keeping installation and operating expenses at their lowest.

Keys to Our Success

  • We offer a family of product and services that will make a real difference in your project
  • Engineering support and services for point-on-point area layouts as well as room foot-candle management.
  • Excellent working customer references.
  • "One Stop Shop" for a project's products and their management including weekly email updates.
  • Excellent statewide distributor coverage for inventory and support.
  • Exceptional person-to-person network and relationships.
  • Focus and desire to serve the specification community.
  • Honesty and integrity.
  • Education, knowledge, and experience of associates.